Fructose Resources

I thought it would be helpful to create a Fructose Malabsorption Resource page that you can come to for all the best Fructose Resource around the web. As I discover more interesting and helpful resources, I’ll add them along the way. Enjoy!


Best Fructose Malabsorption Books

fructose books low fod map

Fructose Food Lists Search Engines/Apps

  • The Farting Pear: A web based search engine that provides ratings of foods for levels of fructose. This site provides a really helpful guide to what foods you can eat, based upon comments and ratings of other fructose sufferers.
  • Monash University (Melbourne Australia): the leading fructose malabsorption research occurs at Monash Uni and they have provided a table with the foods that are HIGH in FODMAPS and suggested alternative LOW fodmap foods. 


Fructose Academic Research